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ISR Training Environments

Where Data and Training Combine to Maximize Mission Readiness.

Maximum training realism results from incorporating intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) data into synthetic environments. Veraxx’s ISR training environments are fully immersive, providing training scenarios that enable distributed, integrated ISR mission operations.

Integrating classified or unclassified ISR data, we construct high-fidelity training environments that maximize mission readiness. Delivered through networked platforms, including our HLA-compliant Tactical Environment Network (TEn), our ISR training solutions allow groups of users with different roles to visualize and react to the same set of stimuli, replicating the tactical operating environment. 

ISR sources can encompass:

  • Aircraft
  • Weapons
  • Sensors, autonomous systems and the Internet of Battlefield Things (IoBT)
  • Friendly forces and adversaries
  • Any Operational Technology data

Veraxx’s ISR solutions incorporate a common set of high-resolution physics-based models to maximize realism for every scenario. Sources and models are linked to mission objectives and exercises via our exclusive Common Generated Framework (CGF) Engine, empowering mission planners to easily and accurately simulate complex threats.

Why Veraxx

For a realistic and immersive training experience, pilots, aircrews and mission personnel must be able to interact with multiple entities at the same time, within a shared environment. Veraxx provides fully immersive ISR training environments that integrate complex datasets and networked training systems built on high-fidelity simulations, enabling networked training operations that effectively link platforms and sensors together.

With Veraxx’s high-fidelity ISR environments, operators train across a variety of platforms, completing many mission-essential training tasks on the ground safely, effectively and efficiently — which: translates to real-world proficiency and maximum mission readiness.


Tactical Environment Network (TEn) and Special Operations Forces Tactical environment (SOFTAC)

The USMC Tactical Environment is the Veraxx developed off-the-shelf solution for synthetic combat ISR environment needs. TEn provides tactical environment capability stimulus for all weapons, sensors and countermeasures with focus on the man in the loop. Entity performance and behavior are data driven, resulting in a flexible and manageable system that can be tailored by any user based on desired ISR tactical training requirements. The TEn provides the threat system and HLA gateway that are the standards for USMC aviation training. The TEn is uniquely tailored to support both fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft. The TEn is the key component in training with air-to-air and air-to-ground weapons in a comprehensive ISR tactical training and threat environment.

SOFTAC is a version of TEn tailored specifically for special operation requirements, used for Army 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment training. 



Aviation Distributed Virtual Training Environment (ADVTE)

ADVTE provides comprehensive, integrated and networked training. Currently in use supporting Marine Corps Aviation, ADVTE, as a persistent and integrated system-of-systems solution, has the capability to network various Type/Model/Series (T/M/S) Marine Corps Aviation Training System (MC ATS) training devices located across Second (2D) and Third (3D) Marine Aircraft Wing (MAW) locations for the purposes of conducting multi-site, multi T/M/S simulated networked ISR training missions to maintain proficiency and enhance aircrew readiness.