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Systems Engineering and Integration

Comprehensive Engineered Solutions.

A simulation platform or training environment starts with a need, evolving through a design to a solution that maximizes pilot and aircrew mission readiness. This evolution requires expert, large scale Systems Engineering and Integration (SE&I). Veraxx’s experience and skill across all SE&I disciplines ensure that systems are produced to meet the most stringent requirements, achieving all targets for performance, cost and time-to-delivery.

SE&I encompasses multiple engineering specialties, including:

  • Hardware and software development
  • Avionics
  • Visual, motion and control systems
  • Mechanical and electrical design
  • Physics-based models and realistic environmental effects
  • Facilities, power and infrastructure
  • Manufacturing, test and evaluation and quality assurance
  • Cybersecurity

Veraxx solutions are designed to deliver optimized capabilities for each specific implementation — meaning we do not deliver a proprietary solution to lock you in and limit your training platform’s future performance. We design-in the ability to easily refresh and expand our solutions and associated tactical networking capability based on advances in technology and new aircraft configurations. Our partnerships with original equipment manufacturers and other industry leaders enable us to scale quickly and cost-effectively — giving pilots, aircrews, and instructors across the U.S.military and its allies the confidence that Veraxx’s high-performance, high-fidelity simulators and networked synthetic tactical training environments consistently provide maximum mission readiness.



VSIM is Veraxx’s simulation and training solution core architecture, an ecosystem of key reusable, reconfigurable components.

VSIM reduces execution risk, provides consistent high training system fidelity, reduces development cost and delivery schedule. As the core of our simulation and training solutions, VSIM is integrated with unique aircraft or weapons system attributes, such as aerodynamic models, avionics systems and individual subsystems, resulting in high-fidelity simulation and training solutions and devices.



Veraxx Instructor/Operator Station (VIOS)

VIOS is a suite of reconfigurable software components that accelerates the design and deployment of simulator-specific instructor/operator stations. Designed with open software and interfaces, VIOS is deployed on inexpensive, non-proprietary hardware. The VIOS has a Client-Server architecture which provides extensive configuration flexibility. To minimize interface costs, the Client and Server communicate via standard Ethernet. VIOS comprises the following components: IOS Graphical User Interface (“GUI”), host-based IOS server, GUI page editor, and navigation data editor.



Modular Aviation Common Computing Environment (MACCE)

MACCE is a suite of modular S/W components operating in a common computing environment that accelerate the design and deployment of Real-Time cyclic programs — the core of complex simulators and training systems. MACCE was designed to foster maximum reuse of a simulation environment on multiple training systems with different vehicle systems. MACCE is a government off the shelf (GOTS) product that is maintained and improved by Veraxx, currently for use within the United States Navy and United States Marine Corps.

MACCE’s flexibility allows multiple use cases. Designed with open software and interfaces, MACCE can be deployed on inexpensive, non-proprietary hardware. MACCE works with Veraxx Plot Monitor Control (VPMC) to manipulate and measure symbol data.



Veraxx Plot Monitor Control (VPMC)

VPMC interfaces with MACCE, providing MACCE symbol manipulation capability and measuring tools. The VPMC client receives symbol data and allows the user to change the symbol data remotely, then display the symbol data on a graphical chart.

VPMC provides a UDP interface between the MACCE-driven host and the VPMC client application. Interface configuration is set in a VPMC configuration file, that provides communication socket settings, and standard application customization. During startup, the VPMC server reads all available global symbols from the MACCE database management file and provides the VPMC client with a list. The symbols are shown in an update list or strip chart. The symbol update list displays the 60hz value of a symbol, and the user can change the value of that symbol. The plot frame gives the user the ability to graph four symbols on a strip chart. The plot lines and the strip chart are configurable as well.



Video Distribution and Streaming System (VDASS)

VDASS consists of one or more video servers which capture video (e.g., ISR video) from several sources and make the video streams available throughout an ethernet network to any number of viewing clients. Each viewer is capable of displaying up to 16 video streams.


Maximizing mission readiness starts with a foundation of systems engineering and integration.

Why Veraxx

For Veraxx, large scale SE&I has always been a core capability, driving solutions that advance state-of-the-art military flight training platforms. Time and again, our in-house engineering staff has proven they can solve the toughest challenges. By working with best of breed technology providers and aircraft OEMs, we tackle projects and programs of every size and description — intelligently, cost-effectively and proficiently to make each training platform greater than the sum of its parts.

Ultimately, SE&I comes down to an understanding of the interaction among each of a system’s elements and the environment. It’s about designing and building to requirements; integrating all components, systems, and subsystems; and then ensuring that each requirement has been achieved.

The result is a high-fidelity simulator or synthetic ISR networked tactical training environment that assures pilots and aircrews are ready and confident to meet the challenges of flight and the mission, under any conditions.