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Why Veraxx

Unmatched Realism. Unequalled Dedication.

Veraxx delivers high-fidelity, state-of-the-art military flight simulators and synthetic tactical training environments that help U.S and Allied pilots and aircrew maximize mission readiness. Others may make a similar claim, but only Veraxx consistently delivers on time and within budget while meeting or exceeding technical and operational specifications. The key is the strength of our foundational large scale Systems Engineering and Integration capabilities and our unwavering commitment to maximize operators’ mission performance and readiness.

What sets us apart?

Unlike firms that attempt to produce every type of training for every type of customer, we are focused solely on designing and implementing high-fidelity, high-performance aviation training solutions for the U.S. Department of Defense and our allies — from compact laptop-based systems to immersive motion-based Full Flight Simulators (FFS) that are highly tailored to meet specified mission requirements, without sacrificing realism. Time and again, our customers count on us for:


Speed of delivery

Meeting every milestone, every time



Adapting to support evolving mission training needs with optimized technology

Best-of-breed solutions

Delivering non-proprietary platforms that ensure longevity and upgradeability

Commitment to meet requirements

Ensuring technical specifications and operational requirements are achieved without exception

Most importantly, our in-house expertise, combined with that of our proven selected partners, means Veraxx delivers solutions of every size and complexity, on time, within budget and fully meeting performance requirements.