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ATS Classroom

Veraxx provided installation and integration support for the Marine Aircrew Training Systems Squadron (MATSS) electronic distributive learning center. Veraxx installed and integrated a Distributive Classroom with six Dell M60 Laptops, a SmartTechnologies Rear Projection Touch-screen Display and a Precision 650 Desktop computer system to provide a multi-media display environment for MV-22 aircrew training systems software instruction. Veraxx installed and integrated multiple Brief/Debrief systems using Dell Precision 650 Desktop computer systems, NEC 61″ Plasma Displays and SmartTechnologies Touch-screen overlays to providing an interactive PC base system to explain training scenarios and evaluate student performance. Veraxx also installed various network components to integrate these systems with the existing MATSS local area network and provide increased network storage capability exceeding 1 Terabit.

November 5, 2003