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The project scope consists of design, development, integration, delivery, and logistical support for the tactical environment network (TEN). The TENs located at the following locations will be upgraded:

  • MCAS New River NC
  • MCAS Cherry Point NC
  • MCAS Miramar CA
  • MCAS Pendleton CA
  • MCAS Yuma


The project includes:

  • Updating the network’s run-time infrastructure (RTI) update, data distribution management, messaging reliability
  • Updating the architecture’s compact terrain database (CTDB) processing, windows application programming interface (API)
  • Updating the host interface support, protocol data unit (PDU) log replay, host interface range checking
  • Adding players for 22 Aircraft, 4 Surface, 16 Ground, 23 Weapons, 5 Countermeasures
  • Improving models for the data-link, joint mission planning station (JMPS), strike-link, artillery, infrared (IR) pointer, helicopter joystick, ground player joystick, convoy, maintained aspect maneuvering, dead-player motion, radar enhancements, local player refueling, amphibious vehicles, enhanced emissions, BFT Support, identification friend of foe (IFF) enhancements, and DIRCM