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The project scope consists of design, development, integration, delivery, and logistical support for twenty four new MV-22 CMS-PTTs with Block B3.01 system upgrades. The project includes:

  • Retargeting the MV-22 CFTD and FFS Block B Vehicle Simulation
  • Retargeting and updating the MV-22 CFTD Block B IOS
  • Simulating the Dual Digital Map
  • Simulating the Advanced Mission Computers (runs aircraft code)
  • Simulating the DEUs and MFDs (runs aircraft code)
  • Simulating the Control Display Unit/Engine Instrument Crew Alerting System (CDU/EICAS) and the CDU keyboard
  • Simulating the Remote Frequency Indicator Selector (RFIS)
  • Simulating the Flight Director Panel (FDP)
  • Simulating the MIL-STD-1553B bus
  • Simulating the Mission Data Loader
  • Simulating the Voice Message Alerts and Warning Tones

July 31, 2008