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The project scope consists of design, development, integration, delivery, and logistical support for the Aviation Distributed Virtual Training Environment (ADVTE). ADVTE is a common network environment that that facilitates distributed mission training. The project includes:

  • Installing LAN/WAN/Encryption network equipment at 8 USMC Installations
  • Obtaining Authority to Operate (ATO) Authority to Connect (ATC) for 20 high fidelity training systems
  • Conduct implementation study for OCONUS and Reserve sites
  • Capturing digital data streams to support joint brief/de-brief requirements
  • Networking exercise control center
  • Providing simulated tactical radio nets
  • Providing visualization from any geographic location or tactical environment entity
  • Providing remote IOS and TEN capabilities
  • Integrating existing DVTE capability
  • Providing HLA/DIS protocol support to facilitate future network expansion
  • Providing IP-based H323 secure VTC
  • Major improvements for USMC Tactical Environment Network