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Veraxx Instructor/Operator Station (VIOS)

Veraxx Instructor/Operator Station

The Veraxx Instructor/Operator Station (VIOS) is a suite of reconfigurable software components that accelerates the design and tailored deployment of simulator-specific instructor/operator stations. With its open architecture design and interfaces, VIOS is specifically developed to be deployed on cost-effective, non-proprietary hardware.

Design and Deployment

The VIOS solution’s client-server architecture provides extensive configuration flexibility. To minimize interface costs, the Client and Server communicate via standard Ethernet. VIOS comprises the following components: IOS Graphical User Interface (“GUI”), host-based IOS server, GUI page editor, and navigation data editor. This allows for rapid and straightforward reconfiguration without relying on non-proprietary components or interfaces.

The GUI software is designed so pages and windows can be added or modified without writing new or additional software. Major components include:

  • IOS Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Host-based IOS Server
  • GUI Page Editor
  • Navigation Data Editor

VIOS can be installed by either the customer or Veraxx. However, the implementation is usually highly-tailored to a specific set of training requirements. Veraxx is the provider of choice for initial installation, integration and desired customization.