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Modular Aviation Common Computing Environment (MACCE)


The Modular Advanced Common Computing Environment (MACCE) is a suite of software components that fosters maximum reuse of a simulation environment on multiple training systems with different vehicle systems.

MACCE was designed to accelerate the design and deployment of real-time software programs. Its common computing environment is the core of complex simulators and training systems, while its flexibility allows it to be used to support multiple applications, including:

  • Simulator/Trainer Executive and Memory Manager
  • Real-time System or Subsystem Executive
  • Cyclic System Executive
  • Software Test Driver including Automatic Fidelity Test (AFT)/Automatic Test Guide (ATG)

Design and Deployment

MACCE is designed with open software and interfaces which enables it to be deployed on cost-effective, non-proprietary hardware.

Incorporating commonality, modularity and non-proprietary technologies for ease of upgrades, MACCE allows the use of a variety of simple to complex hardware platforms; no special hardware is required, and leading avionics platforms are supported. MACCE can also run standalone, in non-real-time, and on single-CPU computers.

Key features and functions include:

  • Programmable processes, threads, clocks, modes, callbacks, and iteration rates
  • Multi-processing/multi-core support — bind processes to individual CPUs
  • Multi-language support — multiple software languages accommodated simultaneously
  • Robust API containing over 50 functions
  • Hard real-time execution with overrun protection
  • Global data management
    • Easily share data between processes and languages
    • Memory structure overlay support
  • Embedded User Interface (UI) — access to the load as it executes
    • Monitor and control load operation
    • Monitor and set variables
    • Execute multiple UI commands with UI scripts
  • Internal or external clock support
  • Runtime statistics capture (frame times, job times, frame overrun count, etc.)
  • Error capture and handling — makes load crash resistant
  • Re-configure load operation without having to recompile the load

MACCE can be installed by either the customer or Veraxx, for complete flexibility in implementation. Veraxx is the provider of choice for installation and integration. Ongoing technical support is available.