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Sync Board
PCI / PCIe Real-time Clock

Sync Board (PCI/PCIe)

The Veraxx PCI Sync Interface Board (PCISIB) and its PCIe variant (PCIESIB) provide a real-time clock for PCI-based computers. The boards are highly configurable and come with their own software drivers, supporting Veraxx’s MACCE solution.

Design and Deployment

Available in a standard PCI or PCIe configuration, the Sync Board is a 32 bit/33 MHz half-length Universal PCI board compatible with 32 or 64 bit, 33 or 66 MHz PCI slots.

Key features and functions include:

  • External interrupt is software programmable to trigger on rising or falling edges.
  • External interrupt can be immediate or it can be delayed with a programmable delay control. The programmable delay range is 100 ns to 9 minutes in 100 ns increments.
  • External interrupt signals are conditioned on an application specific daughter board that is attached to the PCISIB. The daughter board converts signals such as differential TTL or video sync to standard TTL levels thus eliminating the need for external signal conditioning.
  • External interrupt connects through a DB25 connector.
  • Internal interrupt provides an internal real-time clock interrupt with a period of up to 9 minutes in 100 ns increments.
  • Two rear mounted LEDs provide visual indication of interrupt activity.
  • Two user programmable rear mounted LEDs are provided.