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Veraxx TEn / SOFTAC

Tactical Environment Network / Special Operations Forces Tactical Environment

The USMC Tactical Environment is the Veraxx designed off-the-shelf solution for synthetic combat ISR environment needs. The TEn provides own-ship and/or multi-ship networked tactical environment capability for weapons, sensors, countermeasures, and intelligence enabling realistic ISR tactical training.

The Special Operations Forces Tactical (SOFTAC) Environment is a version of the TEn tailored specifically for SOF requirements.

The TEn enables realistic ISR and Electronic Counter Measures (ECM) training. It is the key training component used to create immersive, authentic ISR training with air-to-air and air-to-ground weapons in a comprehensive ECM and threat environment.

Entity performance and behavior are data driven, resulting in a flexible and easily managed system that can be tailored by any user. The TEn is a rule-based system derived from the user’s operational doctrine; the rules can be easily enhanced to incorporate desired tactics and ISR characteristics.

Design and Deployment

A fully operative tactical environment, the TEn is built to run on COTS hardware platforms, including high-fidelity flight simulators and desktop PCs. This design ensures easier integration and a predictable upgrade path. The software is designed to operate on a standalone training device of choice or in a fully networked, multi-device tactical training environment.

The TEn comprises three major components: the Tactical Environment, the Network Interface and the User Interface. The comprehensive documentation set includes:

  • Interface Control Document
  • FAQ/Release Notes
  • User Guide
  • Overview and Installation Guide
  • Sample Formatter
  • Sample Source Code
  • Database User Guide

The system can be installed by either the customer or Veraxx. However, the solution is usually highly-tailored to a specific set of training requirements. Veraxx is the provider of choice for initial installation, integration and desired customization.