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VSIM Architecture

VSIM Architecture

Veraxx’s VSIM architecture allows maximum reuse and tailoring of key simulator architecture system and subsystem components including:

  • Input/output (I/O) design
  • Instructor operator station (IOS)
  • Weapons models
  • ISR tactical environments
  • Computational system
  • Visual display and image generation system integration
  • Motion/seat platform integration, and debrief stations

VSIM has been successfully employed on Veraxx-designed military aviation high-fidelity simulators and training systems, demonstrating its proven ability to be used, tailored and integrated with specific type/model/series aircraft aerodynamic models, avionics and aircraft systems.

By reducing risk and ensuring high performance and fidelity, VSIM uniquely enables Veraxx to consistently deliver simulation and training devices timely and affordably, providing highly realistic training and maximum mission readiness.