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Aviation Distributed Virtual Training Environment (ADVTE)

Aviation Distributed Virtual Training Environment

An extension to Veraxx’s Tactical Environment network (TEn), the Aviation Distributed Virtual Training Environment (ADVTE) is a persistent, closed-loop, network-customized training solution. The system connects multiple training sites over a Government Wide Area Network utilizing encrypted network communication protocols.

ADVTE enables geographically-dispersed training systems to participate in a Virtual Training Event (VTE). When used with an operationally-tailored tactical environment, the ADVTE enables networked, multi-site training to occur across numerous ground-based training systems, enhancing operator proficiency while improving safety and reducing costs.

Together, the TEn and ADVTE enable an operational user to link all of its CONUS-based aviation training devices together in a comprehensive virtual training environment.

Design and Deployment

Both ADVTE and the TEn run on COTS hardware platforms, greatly simplifying integration on devices ranging from flight simulators to desktop PCs. The software environment is designed to operate on a standalone training device of choice or in a fully networked manner among multiple devices.

The complete, integrated system can be installed by either the customer or Veraxx. However, the implementation is usually highly-tailored to a specific set of training requirements. Veraxx is the provider of choice for initial installation, integration and desired customization.