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Veraxx Plot Monitor Control (VPMC)

Veraxx Plot Monitor Control (VPMC)

An extension to Modular Advanced Common Computing Environment (MACCE), the Veraxx Plot Monitor Control (VPMC) interfaces with a MACCE callback to provide the user with symbol manipulation and measuring tools. This capability simplifies and standardizes the ability to plot desired simulator information such as test data and operational data. The VPMC client receives symbol data and allows the user to change the symbol data remotely and display the symbol data on a graphical chart.

Design and Deployment

Through its interface with MACCE, VPMC offers a modular, non-proprietary, easily configurable approach to simulator data acquisition and analysis.

VPMC can be installed by either the customer or Veraxx, for complete flexibility in implementation. Veraxx is the provider of choice for installation and integration. Ongoing technical support is available.